The Rosie Project (Don Tilman #1) by Graeme Simsion

I think I read this book as part of my book challenge under slightly false pretences, this book marked no.10 of the challenge – a book set somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit, so I thought I would read something based in New York since I’ve always wanted to go (and I am in just 148 days) and on a random website when I was looking for inspiration I read that The Rosie Project was based in New York City. Well, let me tell you, the majority of the book isn’t even set in continental America!! Haha it it based in Melbourne with a quick trip to New York as ‘research.’

Okay, specifics aside it was really worth the read anyway so it doesn’t REALLY matter, plus I’d also actually love to go to Australia it’s just one of those places I don’t know whether I actually ever will.

Don Tilman is a geneticist who has a very tight regime that he doesn’t like to depart from unless for a specific purpose. Very early in the book it is hinted that Don suffers from undiagnosed Aspergers Syndrome which he isn’t aware of but it is never confirmed; to be fair even before this suggestion I assume other readers like me had assumed some level of autism was insinuated. Which gives Simsion a great platform to write unique love story.

Don is looking for a wife, but is sick of dating incompatible people so he constructs ‘The Wife Project’ where with the help of his friends Claudia and Gene he screens women through the completion of a questionnaire. There are some really funny parts to the book where through Don’s social downfalls Simsion finds an acceptable way to say things that would normally be considered inappropriate.

Rosie is everything that Don is not looking for, and from that develops a brilliant friendship which allows Don to progress in ways nobody else has ever been able. I love Rosie because she is blunt and forthcoming and in no means a typical damsel in distress waiting to be saved.

I thoroughly recommend picking this book up and reading it, even though in the first few chapters you may assume (like me) it’s going to be a fairly difficult read due to the structure of Don’s thoughts you will soon learn to love it and fly through it. Also it was originally written by Simsion to be a film so you can almost guarantee within the next few years it will be on at the Cinema with a star studded cast and we all like to get in there first with the book! Honestly, you won’t regret it.


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